The Benefits of Lead Management Software and Marketing Automation Systems

The benefits of lead management software and marketing automation systems are not fully appreciated by many businesses that are making only partial use of their customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Many businesses that use CRM tools such as Salesforce find that, while their CRM system is reasonably effective in managing their interaction between the business and prospective or actual clients, the tools used within the system tend to be fragmented in their use and are not being leveraged sufficiently to enable the development of an automated system.

Each business department tends to implement its own tools for its own needs, rather than focusing on an integrated CRM system that encompasses the entire business. If this sounds familiar to you, and perhaps describes your own business, then tools such as lead management software and sales force automation (SFA) systems can be employed to streamline your entire marketing and sales process and enable your staff to spend their time focusing on their clients and prospects rather than on maintaining the systems.

Too much staff is needed to manage an inefficient marketing funnel that filters too few leads into prospects, and too few of these are converted to clients. It would a lot easier for you to maximum the potential of your leads if you had a more effective method of nurturing your leads with the information, data and personal service that they need to decide to become clients.

A lead management system can score leads according to selected criteria and nurture and manage them during the process of converting them to clients or customers. Once a futuristic concept, you now have a wide choice of lead nurturing tools and lead management software available that can integrate with your existing CRM system.

Very often, sales and marketing fail to work together, yet one is almost worthless without the other. At some point the two must interface within the pipeline, the highest qualified leads being passed over to sales to convert into customers. Marketing automation systems can ensure that the two combine in your business into a powerful marketing and sales machine that can generate, nurture and convert leads much more effectively than relying on manual systems or personalities.

By scoring your leads at each stage in the sales funnel, a tipping point can be recognized as the right time to pass the lead to sales, and an automated system makes it easier for you to refine your lead scoring model to identify that point more accurately.

Response triggers can be set to automate email deliveries or to alert salespeople to make personal contact. Landing pages can easily be generated to collect the additional information that will enable marketers to offer more relevant information to leads, such as White Papers that can be offered at certain stages within the funnel. Marketing and ROI reports can be generated to analyze the effectiveness of the program.

By being provided with the highly relevant information that will offer solutions to their problems, and so guide them through each stage of the buying process, leads will become prospects who will regard their human contacts as trusted advisors. This is an important factor that makes the entire marketing process a lot easier for sales.

Lead management software is an important component of effective marketing automation systems that can integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM software. The result is a package that not only ensures that leads are leveraged to their maximum profitability, but also provides detailed reports on the various aspects of the marketing process and ROI of your business.

If you feel that your marketing and sales units are fragmented, and that there appears to be very little connection between sales, marketing and distribution, then a good CRM system with marketing automation and lead management software will likely resolve this situation for you and maximize the way your leads are being qualified and leveraged through your marketing and sales funnel.

There are CRM system on the market now that combine all of these functions, but if you are already running CRM software, then the software can easily be integrated with this and your new system could be up and running within an hour.

It will enable you to generate more leads, nurture these by providing necessary information or personal contact when needed and identify when they are ready to buy. Marketing automation not only generates demand but will also manage your marketing funnel and provide all the reports you need to ensure the effective implementation and lead management needed by a successful modern business.